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Do closeted gay married men, have no regard for their opposite sex partners?

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Oooh gurl, I just have one of those feelings, where I'm so annoyed, that I have to write so fast, that my keyboard is on fire, and my hands will spontaneously combust into dust, and I'll have to get replacement limbs from the dollar store!

So, I was on Quora, and I saw this question being asked.

"This straight wife was used and then murdered. Would you agree closeted gay men who marry women to hide their sexuality have no regard for the women they marry?" (Eventually the question was changed to "Some closeted men", which sounds a whole lot better.)

Link (The article)

I answered,

I totally disagree with what you’re saying! Every person is different, so you can’t judge a person based off a similar event! This is why it drives me crazy, when people just assume something for a whole group of people. Judge the person based off who they are, rather than what, they are.
What happened to that poor girl, is terrible, and that guy is a nutjob! Nut-jobs are not defined by sexuality, and most of them are straight anyway. Did you hear about that dude who killed his whole family, to be with some girl! (He was freaking gorgeous, I will admit. Why are all the hot guys taken, or serial killers! So typical! lol jk.)


Not So Love Stories
¤ Let’s take Fran Drescher, she married a man when they were rather young. They broke up, because her now ex husband, realized he was gay. This was over 20 years ago, and they’re still good friends to this day. They even made a show out of it, called Happily Divorced. I think the characters divorce, but they live together, and go on dates with men. (I don’t remember for sure, it’s been a while) 
¤ Another example, is a more personal one. One of my managers, when I was in retail, had the same thing happen to her! They had married, and when she was 3 months pregnant, her now ex, realized he was gay. They did divorce, but they’re to this day, still best friends. He has a guy now, the sons best friend is gay, and she remarried (To this douchebag, that she recently divorced, thank goodness, what an asshole! lmao).
Funny thing though is, I realized she has no gay-dar whatsoever (Everyone else in the store figured out I was gay, except for her. lol) . So this could be a theme, that girls don’t know the guy is gay. (When I say that, I mean they are completely clueless to hints, such as a guy drooling over a half naked man, or something of the sort.) Obviously, things are changing since I've had crushes on feminine straight men before. So there’s not always a gay/straight/bi mold. But sometimes, you just know, or are completely clueless. of someone’s sexuality.

The creator of the post responded to me, and said this.

"The link you shared about the man who killed his pregnant wife and his children his name is Chris Watts he was also having a homosexual affair at the time he murdered his whole family. This only furthers my claim that women are used and abused by some with an agenda."
(I found a link about it here. link )

This, is the part that annoys me so much.

First off, what agenda? What does that even mean? Are gay men trying to marry straight women, so they can show off their amazing leg muscles and act more superior? Are they trying to shove crocs in our faces?! Is that the agenda? The CROC AGENDA!! (I knew I couldn't trust them!! jk) 

I'd like to point something about the original article, with the main who killed the wife, to collect the insurance money, and be with a dude he met on Grindr. He killed her for the insurance money. However, this happens to everyone. In fact, that old Halloween myth about kids needing to be careful about poison in candy. It had to do with a man, who killed his son by letting him have poison treats, just so he could collect his childs life insurance policy. Link

There are plenty of stories of straight men killing their wives, as well as themselves in some cases. The interesting thing I find, is when I looked up "Man kills wife", I found various stories of different straight men killing their wives.  Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
I also knew someone who was killed, because her husband was jealous she liked her job, and thought she was having an affair. Link 10
But when I typed in gay man kills wife, I found almost the same stories about either the dude who killed his wife for the insurance money, or the other guy who killed his wife & kids, and was having an affair with a man, and a woman. Link 4 Link 5. As well as a terrible story about a dad who killed his wife, and his son for being gay (The son was gay, not the wife). Link 6

Which leads me to my next point. 

The reason why so many closeted gay people, marry women. Is literally for the exact reason that poor guy was killed in Link 6, for being gay. For decades, centuries even, homosexuality has been frowned upon. On a daily basis, people are fired from jobs, bullied, beaten, kicked out, and even killed for being gay. Because of all the hate, and intolerance, many LGBT people are SUICIDAL! So many LGBT people take their lives every year, because they can't take the hate they get from friends, family, and other people in their lives. LGB youth are 5 times more likely to commit suicide, than their straight peers. As well as, 40% of Transgendered youth, have considered/attempted suicide. Source So with that being said, many closet cases could have a good reason to be in the closet, and marry a woman. They are afraid that their family will hate, or even try to hurt, or kill them, if they even say the word gay, let alone say they identify as it. Do I think they should marry a woman? No. Do I think they should tell the woman that he's gay, and just needs to make it look like he's straight? Only if she's okay with gay people, because if she's not, he'd probably just get outed by her, and she could be a dick about everything. 

The Trevor Project & The Try Guys team up.

¤ I'd also like to mention a friend of mine. My friend, Tina, was with a man for years and years, they had three kids. She always suspected he was gay, but to this day, she doesn't know if he is or not. (She said that he was never really interested in sex, and one time.. He went on a boating trip with a friend... and she found blood on his pants, she thought maybe he had anal, and that happened in the process) They eventually divorced, and now she got married to a new man.
Anyways, once time, Tina told me, that if her ex is gay, his dad would probably kill him.
So this, once again, is another personal story. Where, although all speculation. It could be something serious, this man could be so afraid of his dad, or family, that he might be refusing to tell anyone, who he really is. (If he's actually gay.)

The fact of the matter is, every story is different, every person is different. We can't judge every person in a similar situation, just because of one asshole! My friend Stephanie, broke her leg on a trampoline once. But you don't see her running around town, screaming at people... saying not to go on trampolines, or you'll break your leg! (That would be kind of funny though.) 

Monday, November 5, 2018

Tab Clutter

Now, if you're like me, you have way too many tabs open at one time!


I find myself always saying, "That's an interesting article, and or website, I'd like to look at it, but I cant right now!" So, I end up keeping it open, but then, I forget about it, and it just sits there. (I always enable the browser to open up the tabs that were not closed, so the next time I open the browser, it's still there.)
Sometimes, I try to delete some of the tabs, and I find myself going, I'm going to need that for later!
This is also why I created a my old journal forum, to store links, lists and such!My journal forum became so darn useful when I made it back in 2011! If I ever needed a link to something obscure, or something that would only be useful at a later date, I could go back, and find it! (Who needs bookmarks when you have a site you can access anywhere, maybe even space, or the creepy room that no one goes to in your house!)  Which the web host [Zetaboards] has unfortunately closed down, and switched to the dreaded TAPATALK! Which deletes inactive sites after 30 days (Which means I have to spam my own forum once a month, so they don't close it, since I haven't collected all my stuff from it yet. Because I mostly just edit already made topics on it, the forum won't appear active, and they'd just delete it.) Due to that, I've also become more cluttered on my tabs, because I know I can't post it on my personal forum anymore. Which is also why, I've migrated many things onto this blog! Still a long way to go, but I'm so busy, and lazy [Bad combination!].
So I had quick think! I figure I can post the links to all my tabs right now, as a separate blog post, in order to de-clutter my current tab clutter! So now, we can all enjoy them! Except for BOB! He owes me money! (BOB! Do something!) [Was that an Overwatch reference??]

Without further adieu, here is my website clutter. Eventually some of these sites will be integrated into other parts, such as fun links above!

Anime & Shows

Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time - Wikipedia

Xiaolin Chronicles
20 ways to make extra money if you're a dude.
How to create the perfect resume
Jeremy Carson - Finding a New Job
Jeremy Carson - Perfect Portfolio
This guy sent a dick pic to the wrong number
Printed Portfolio

Save Me

Cool Items
Fireplaces & Fireplaces 2

Alvastia Chronicles - A Game that has plenty of recruitable characters, like Suikoden.
Black Desert Online
Gadget Garage - Looks kinda like Twisted Metal? - Suikoden Rating - If we ask for Suikoden on, they might put it on the site!
Variety of New Games

New York Gay Arts Center

30 Unique Storage ideas
runboard -  I don't know why I was on this post?

12 Hot Ginger Guys
Bearded Guy

Next Gen

Epson Printer - This is a good reminder that I was thinking of getting a really good Graphic Designer type printer.

Photoshop Cafe
Stylized Pumpkin - I already have this in my fun links section, but hey, why not?

Websites & Apps
Art Wanted
Behance - I guess it's like another kind of Linkedin, or something.
Comparably - Compare how much you make, to others with the same positions.
Credible - Student Loans, enter at your own risk, I don't know if it's a scam or not.
Design Crowd
Hero Forge - A site where you can create your own action figurines!
Medium - Not actually sure what this site focuses on, it seems like an everything site?
Monday - Schedule Management
Swagbucks -

My Sites

Hotspots Journal - My journal where I posts lists and links, that I am not reverting to this blog.
Kya Forum
RP Tavern

I'd like to point out, that I haven't had my new laptop for a year yet. (I bought it last December), and I know most of these links, are from April/May 2018... Where as it is now November! XD
I've gotten used to have so many tabs open, that it's weird not having them all up!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

My Account Got Deleted??

So, a few days ago, I made a Listography account, after seeing some Twitter friends had one. I figured this is perfect, I had plenty of lists on my old Zetaboards forum, that I could transfer over.. since Zetaboards closed down and turned into Tapatalk (Which deletes inactive sites after 30-90 days).  I added a profile bio, an avatar (A drawing of mine.) I made one list of all my accounts on other sites, such as Deviantart, Twitter.. etc..
I had to go to bed for work the next morning, although I wanted to continue, I had to stop.

So fast forward a few days later, today. I was like, oh man, let me go look at my Listography and add more to it! When I read "User not found". I was like huh? How can that be? There must be an error! I look around, maybe I'm on the wrong profile, I check my emails to see if there was something about account deletion. I find nothing.
I snoop around, and I find the Listography main page.

"Our spam detector automatically deletes suspicious accounts. To avoid deletion: MAKE introductory lists, DO NOT link to shady websites, DO NOT create multiple accounts, DO NOT create an account that is AD-like. Suspected spam accounts are deleted within one week and not retrievable."

I was like, are you kidding me?? I had a real bio, and all the sites I linked to, were Twitter, Deviantart, etc.. and not shady sites.. but somehow, their program must have picked it up, and deleted me! (There goes an hour of logging into my accounts, down the drain.)
At first I thought I'd make another one, but I thought, it could happen again, so I'd rather not. It's a shame, I really liked the way Listopgraphy had everything, but I'm not risking wasting my time for something that might get deleted again. This is just bad consumerism, if I'm using that in the right context.

My advice for Listography, and any site that uses an automatic bot deletion program.

•  Hire volunteers to check out profiles, there are people who will do it for free. (Since it's made by people who made the site for fun, and not a company.)
Back in the old days of the early 2000's, there were plenty of people who volunteered their free time to help run websites,  I don't see why people wouldn't do that now. (Especially good for people wanting to get a marketing/social media job in the future, it could even count as job experience.)
If the bot detection program (BDP), spots a suspicious profile, a volunteer could check the profile out to see if it is a bot, or just a little innocent ol' me, just starting a new account. This gives real new users a chance to actually save their account, and redeem themselves.

The third twitter I ever made, is named Esmeralda'sdildo, which is based off a character I made. It was banned for two years, because  I was lazy and didn't do anything to save it. I sent them an email saying I was just a person using the account for a character, and they lifted the ban. The account got banned through their bot detection system, but at least it wasn't deleted...

Get a bot verification program. You know when you log in/sign up for a site, and it asks if you're a bot, and makes you type in words/letters from a picture? "3d5h8s"

Email accounts that get deleted. It should be easy enough to set a program up, that will at least email the user, saying their account was deleted. This way they aren't in the dark, like me.

Hopefully, there's another site that's similar, that doesn't have a program that just wipes things out. If not, I'll just continue to make lists on blogger, like I was doing in the first place!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Hypocritical People

So, with all of the Nike controversy nonsense going on. I'd like to chip in on my two cents! (Read my whole post, and I'll make it 3 cents!) At first this post will be about the Nike Controversy, but will delve into other similar situations!


For those who don't know, or if you read this 20 years later. Nike is under fire, because it used an NFL player in it's ad. (From my understanding, this NFL player kneeled during the national anthem during a game, in order to protest against racism, and so now he's under fire. Although technically in America, with freedom of speech, so it's acceptable. But do your own research, and form your own opinion!)


Due to this controversy, when people saw the Nike commercial involving this player, they were outraged. They decided to either cut off the Nike symbol on their Nike related items, or actually burn the materials! Most of the people outraged, are conservative leaning.


Now here's the irony, many conservatives have a long track record of complaining, whining, about liberals, and calling them snowflakes. However, when something as simple as a commercial, starring a dude they don't like shows up, they go bonkers and do something reckless (Initially making them look like fools). Instead of doing something destructive like this, that just wastes materials, they should do something more proactive. If they really care about the situation, they should have a level head and act like an adult and protest, or just don't buy Nike things anymore. Instead, they just act immature and cut, up and burn things.. kind of like having a tantrum almost. From my knowledge, liberals don't do this, they just boycott/protest and they're on their way.
Now yes, both sides of the table all have their crazies, and rational people.. but the ones doing this are not very rational at all. So this does not mean EVERYONE, just various people are acting this way.
Also, by buying Nike products, to burn them, they're still supporting Nike, ironically.

Destroying materials, is also not good for other reasons as well.

1. These clothing items could be used, and given to homeless, or people in need.


2. Image taking so much time to create something (A Nike worker, or any worker in general), just to find out that someone cut it up, or burned it. Would you not be upset that your hard work was destroyed over something like that?
3. Not only that, but it's a waste of materials too. The earth is running out of materials, maybe Nike's clothes don't contain those materials.. but it's better if we leave things the way they are, and produce less waste.
4. In general, many items are created by the use of bugs, animals, maybe kids in sweatshops and other things. Imagine ruining something made out of silk.. do you know how many silkworms it takes to make one scarf? Because I don't remember, but I know it's many, and I'm pretty sure the poor things die in the end too. Put in perspective, how many people, or creatures it takes to make an item. I think about this way more than I should in any general way.

The interesting thing about this, is I see this theme frequently. 

Here's where we go into new territory. Yay!

• I used to have a girl on facebook, who would complain about liberals being snowflakes, but then when something pro-liberal happened she'd whine about the silliest things. She also said once about how she needs to move out of New York, and get away from it's "Liberal-Ness", and complain about how there wasn't straight pride...  (brb rolling my eyes.)

But because I don't remember much about what she said, I can't say much about her.

If you say, why isn't there straight pride? Don't. Read my post from 2014, this will guide you.

Why there is no straight pride

So the following are some hypocritical things that I've noticed from many conservatives. 

It's a known fact that most conservatives hate gay people, so you can probably guess what I'm about to say.

There are plenty of times, where gay people have been denied jobs, hotels, plane seats, and even cake, just for being gay. In fact, a very close friend of mine went on vacation a few years ago. He booked a one bed room, for him and his boyfriend. They gave him a two bed room, because they were homophobic, and refused to have two guys in the same bed! Well, they decided to sleep in one bed, and have fun in the other.

Such as the time an engaged couple came to buy a cake, the owner refused them a cake because it was "Against their beliefs", even though, when you open a shop, you're serving to EVERYONE. I worked retail for 5 years, and I always had a smile on my face and helped them out, even when people said things I disagreed with.

Baker refuses gay couple

This particular situation is even worse than you think, since the D-bag bakery owner leaked their personal information. So the couple gets hate mail, even after 3 years, and people even know where they live. Not only did they decide not to serve a customer, but they leaked private information, which is against the law.

Oh, and another one

When these, and other events happened. Many conservatives thought it was the funniest thing, and that people don't need to serve people, if they don't match with their religion.
So not only are they using religion to cause harm, and hate. But just being overall rude about the situation as well!

Here's where the hypocrisy starts.

Years later, a republican politician is kicked out of a restaurant for her views. Conservatives go wild, they're outraged!


This is inherently, the same situation. I don't agree with you, or your views, so I won't serve you.

So when gay people are refused service, conservatives laughed at them, and think they deserve it.. but when a member of their party is kicked out, it's the worst thing imaginable. It's absolutely hypocritical.

I see this stuff all the time, and half of the time it's not political, just, well hypocritical! That should be the name of a song, or something.. hm..

Here's another lgbt related one, as you may or may not know. LGBtQIA people are often hated, and attacked. We need safe spaces, where we can be safe, and talk about our mixed tapes!
In many countries, it's illegal to be gay, you can be arrested, badly hurt, or even killed. So places like these are very important! Especially when most people who commit suicide are young LGBT teens, just knowing theres a place you belong can mean everything!

That's where irony like this comes in.


"Can only imagine the discriminated outrage if a Hotel had a •Straight Only policy"

Yeah, I mean it's not like you can get killed for being gay, or anything.

On a Side Note

Conservatives got mad at Starbucks, for having a red cup, instead of a cup that says Merry Christmas.

These people feel entitled to their religion, and don't see that other people have different religions, which is why Starbucks did this, since they are a public company.
Well, Conservatives thought they'd purchase a coffee from Starbucks, and write Merry Christmas on it... Well, you just gave them money, so you're still supporting them, instead of "Showing Them Who's boss!".

Hypocrites in Games! 

This annoys me quite a bit! In Video Games, the girl characters have their boobs hanging out, and the male characters are all fully clothed.
The second a male character is wearing revealing clothing, or there's a gay male character "It's Too political".
In the post below, they complain about Social Justice Warriors, having their way and having girl characters wear actual clothing for once. I mean, it's not like us guys and girls had to deal with girl characters having their boobs flop everywhere for decades or anything. (brb rollin' my eyes to mexico.)

My comment

"This is hilarious, us guys and girls not into women have had to deal with boobs in our faces for decades, and now that some characters are less revealed, they're whining like little babies. Then the second there's a half naked dude, they complain about "how political!" HILARIOUS!"

My post

Heterosexual men, who play games drool over all the half naked girl characters, or lesbian characters. But when a guy is sexualized, or is gay, they lose their crap. Its not a cool double standard, and hypocritical!

Obviously, there are good and bad people in every situation, so it won't apply to everyone, and it's not about everyone, just the big complainers of the world! lol

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Most of my Formspring friends were jerks?

From 2010-2013, I frequented a website called Formspring. (Later known as, which sounds like a porn name), was an ask and answer site. People would make profiles, and users could ask other people questions, and the user would answer if they wanted to. Users could also ask questions anonymously, I don't remember if non-users could do that as well, or if it was strictly people who had accounts. Formspring later died in 2014/2015, and joined up with a dating site called "Twoo", which my spam program always tells me is a harmful site. Ironically enough, Formsprings competitor, (Which I didn't really like, or use), is still around.
I had found out about Formspring, from Yahoo Answers. I found someone interesting on there, and saw they had a Formspring. We ended up becoming friends, and I was introduced to a few of his friends as well!
Unfortunately, my friend, Hyeungi, vanished off the Formspring. I never found out if he just moved on, or of something bad had happened to him.
I met many interesting people on there, however, many of them turned out to be jerks, and I stopped talking to them. What's upsetting about most of them, is I was rather close to a few of them.

It's rather silly to talk about stuff like this, but I think it's the experience, and the story time, that can be entertaining, possibly.

1. Arx One of our mutuals, Arx, was always so rude, so I ended up cutting ties with her. Since she thought an image I posted was unacceptable, even if I was gay. Like what.. it's an innocent picture of two girls with a birthday cake, maybe it's YOU whos mind is in the gutter? Post

2. Mystique I think my friend, Mystique, was the hardest one. we were really good friends, and I always got so excited talking to her. But she started getting rude and homophobic. See the Mystique Series.
Two years ago, she messaged me on Tumblr to see how I was doing. I responded, but she hasn't gotten back, I don't think she uses Tumblr often. lol I wouldn't mind if she tried being friends again, that was already  years ago, many things have changed.

3. Ash? I don't remember her name, but it was something like Ash. I thought she was cool, but she wasn't very responsive. I'd ask her questions, and like her posts, but she wouldn't do the same. I even made a comment about how she doesn't seem to be my friend, and she liked it, but said nothing, so I just didn't bother anymore.. no need to be friends with someone who doesn't care.

4. Spencer - Spencer had deleted his account, but I found an old post by him, that I hadn't seen, where he told me he thought I was annoying. I was surprised, I wouldn't have talked to him at all if he thought I was annoying, I would have said bye bitch! Shame he deleted his account before I saw it, I would have slapped a ho! He was rather bitchy in general, I could have said that to him!

5. Lo. We were really good friends, we talked about everything, and he was really funny too. But once Formspring was over, we didn't really talk much anymore. But I felt a distance between us on facebook. He eventually unfriended me, which I thought was rude since we were so close at one point! In this case, it's not rude, it's just upsetting that someone you were close to, just kind of vanishes.

6. Daniel Was a seemingly cool dude on formspring, but he was actually a slab of homophobic garbage on Facebook,. Who thought being gay was a choice. When I explained to him, that it wasn't, he continued to tell me it was.. then posted a link to a Christian website, that literally came up with opinions as to why being gay wasn't genetic. It was not research, just opinions. So I blocked him faster than a prostitute comes on a Saturday night. Blog post
I saved what he wrote, maybe I'll make that a blog post!

7. We'll call her H. I thought I got along well with H. I did notice that she'd unfriend people on Facebook, that were from Formspring. I was glad that I hadn't gotten deleted! That was, until much later. H didn't like that I didn't really like the word "Gay", I prefer to use other words. She also made a comment asking if I had a problem with the term partner, to refer to a gay couple. I said I don't like it, I find the term partner, to be demeaning, like gay people aren't good enough to straight people, or something of the sort. (These questions and answers can be for a different post). She'd get mad at me if I was hating on straight people, but she also thinks it's okay for black people to be racist towards white people... (Oh, the irony!) [Also, hate cannot be fought with more hate!]
One day I just noticed she unfriended me, but hadn't unfriended my other account on facebook, so I did the favor for her! I'm rather glad I'm not friends with her, I don't want to be friends with a hypocrite.

8. Next up is D. D and I didn't always see eye to eye, but he was still pretty chill. (I'm pretty sure he was a very slight homophobe)
For the most part he was fine, until a few months ago. I posted a seemingly innocent post on Facebook, about the goddess herself, Daisy, from the Super Mario franchise. I said she should have a game of her own! A few of my friends liked my posts, and commented. However this one.. was acting like I killed his family, and burnt down his village. He gave an angry react, and then proceeded to be hella rude about Daisy, and talking about how she's a terrible character. I don't care if you don't like a character, but like don't shit on other people's likes.. I'm also an intellectual, if you don't like something I love, like lets have an intelligent discussion as to why you don't like something.
Which he didn't, he just said how much he hates her.. and even when I said "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it", he pretty much just said he can do what he wants.. which is super rude. So I deleted all of the pictures he tagged me in, from 2012 (There were a lot of anime pics he put me in..) Then I unfriended him. Like he honestly acted like I just blew up the world, just because I liked a character, and he didn't.. like it was weird, and immature.

9. L was always cool, he's also good friends with D. After Formspring was gone, and we were on Facebook.. everything was fine.. But the last few years, he'd only post on political posts I made. Which is fine, it was always an opposing viewpoint, and I welcome other sides of the story.. but what I found weird, was as follows.

• He lives in Europe, and he's talking about America? I just find that strange.
• He would only comment on my political posts, to the point where it was getting annoying..

Like why be my friend if you're just going to comment on the one political thing I post on Facebook a month?
I unfriended D and L at the same time, they're weird, rude, and annoying.

So that's how most/ half of my formspring friendships ended. I still have a few on Facebook, and the rest are cool.

Funny enough, I became close friends with someone named Van on Formspring, when it was dying. Now we're really close, and he's one of my online besties now.  I was telling him recently, that's he's one of the few good people from Formspring. lol

Saturday, June 16, 2018

I've almost been sued on the internet TWICE!?

At the ripe age of 28, I can honestly say I've almost been sued twice online, so far...

The first offense -

I was 17, and I was really into message boards at the time. I was kind of friends with someone, who also had their own forum as well. I thought we got along great, we never had any issue with each other.
Then one day, I put an advertisement for their message board on mine. I was contacted the next day by them, and told to take their advertisement down. I asked them why, they didn't tell me, they just said to take it down. I asked why again, they didn't answer me, and this went on a few times. If they had just told me why, I would have taken it down right away, just let me know what's going on. So, because I didn't take it down, as I wanted to know why first... They banned me on their website! So I took it down, and then they told me that I didn't have the rights to advertise their website on mine. I thought this was outrageous, who doesn't like free advertising?
Well, because I was 17, and very petty. I went on dead message boards, and complained about them. Turns out, they also went on these very dead boards, and found out I was complaining about why they'd ban me on their site for free advertising. This is when they decided that if I didn't delete all the posts about me complaining about them, that they would take legal action against me. This was a middle aged person, ready to sue a teenager (With no money), because they were upset over my petty posts (on very dead websites).
I took the posts down, and I banned them from my site, and never talked to them again.
Did I go too far by complaining on random sites that were long gone? Yes, I shouldn't have done that in the first place. But I feel that they took it way out of proportion as well. Like why not just explain to me, why you don't want me to advertise your site on mine? Why is it so hard to explain something to me, so I can understand better? I've told this story to many people, and they all thought it was weird that this person didn't want me to advertise their site, on mine.

What's in the past, is in the past, and I've since let go. However, anytime I see someone with a similar username, I get freaked out that it's them. lol

The second offense - 

The second time this happened, was, in my opinion, much more reasonable. In fact, I hadn't realized that what I did, was not something you do (Since it's something everyone does)

I had a blog, where I just posted images of hot guys. (Which is now privated, because I don't use it anymore, but I also didn't want to waste time deleting a million posts, in case the event happened again.)
I was using this blog for maybe 2-3 years, after those years.. I just got tired of posting pictures. It was a phase to me.
So a year or two later, I got a message asking me to remove one of the pictures. They said I would have to pay them, if they wanted me to use the image, or they could even sue, or whatever.
I was emailed on an inactive email, so they sent the message one day, and I didn't read it until like 3 months later, when I conveniently used the email.
I messaged them back, telling them I removed the image, sorry for the wait etc..
They said thank you, and that was the end of that.

It wasn't until then, that I realized that, you really need permission to use images first. I had thought, it was okay to use an image, as long as you're not making money from it, but that's not the case. You can get into trouble for using anyone's image, even if you don't make money off of it.
I'm just glad that this person was understanding, and didn't get mad that I hadn't messaged them for three months.
Since then, I'm careful with what I post on here! I try not to use images that aren't mine anymore (Except for anime and video game things)

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Something fishy is going on here!

Lets us time travel, dear children. Let us take a blast to the past, to 2012.

Once upon a time, there was a boy with ravishing beauty, he was looking for a job, and applied for a cool company that had fish in the title. He got an interview on Feb 1st 2012, after the interview, he never heard back. He emailed them the next week saying that he was interested in the position and wondering if there was a result. A week later, still no answer and so he emailed them again with a new resume.

After all the boy's hard work, they finally sent this to him.


"I am so sorry that no one got back to you about the interview. That was a mis-communication on our part. However, I regret to inform you that we have to deny your application to our internships. We are looking for the right interns for our programs, and we feel that your talents would be better served with another company. Best of luck to you and if we need an intern of your caliber in the future, we will be sure to contact you. Thank you for your interest in Xcompany."

The boy was petty, so he unliked their page on facebook, and made a Craigslist ad about it.
He felt there was a good reason to complain about the company, as they posted a job ad every other day for a WHOLE YEAR!

The following is the post.

Hello, there. This is a little one two about the posting "Graphic Design and Web Designer Internship by X company."

Let me tell you, I've seen their ad for XCompany for at least 3 months. They keep re-posting their ad almost every other day! Something's fishy about this ad, no one should take the bait. Why must you post it all of the time? There is no need for that at all, what are you guys doing? Trying to lure in the big fish? I think not. I know for a fact that you guys have had plenty of talented people come in for interviews, you can't keep swimming upstream. Just choose someone already! If you can't find the right fish in the sea, then explain exactly who it is you want! This is a bad economy, and you guys are lucky to get at least one person interested in an internship. What are you doing? Trying to get a home-run? Just choose someone that's nice and knows what they're doing! If you keep posting your ads, you just look like a clownfish and that's not very good for a company, it just shows everyone that you can't make decisions for yourself, it also says that maybe it's not a good idea to even apply.
What you guys are doing is just like asking someone if they want ice cream, and when they say yes, instead you start eating it right in front of them!

If you ask me Xcompany should be called BLOW-FISH; because I think they are trying to get things by the people who answer this ad! (Like get people's information and stuff)

Xcompany, I have two words of advice for you.. number one is choose someone and don't continue with this crazy charade of asking hundreds of people; stop baiting everyone. Just choose someone already so everyone else who is looking for a job that will actually accept them, can get a job they will actually get. Having your ad posted a million times just makes them go for your ad instead of an actual employer who will value them, they'll just end up getting knocked to the curb and then their other opportunity will be out the window like a fish with wings. Number 2 is, don't bat yourself in the eye! :O

LOVE- Someone who really needs a job!

EDIT: They've been posting their ads since January 2012, it's already SEPTEMBER 2012 and they are still posting ads!!!

EDIT 2: It's Almost Januray 2013 and they still post.

For reviews


I went on a job interview with this company in 2012, the interview went great, and the place is actually pretty cool, however I have to say that the company is a bit fishy for the following reasons..
The main thing is, this company SPAMMED their ads all over craigslist for an entire year, from January 2012-January 2013. They would post an ad every other day, and there was no reason for this whatsoever. That is way too many ads and they should have found someone from just one ad, you do not need to post millions for a year.
It's obvious to me now, that they were just trying to collect people's information. So, I would say watch out for this company, who knows that they will do with your info.
Also, for anyone applying for a job. They are the kind of company that leaves you hanging, it wasn't until I emailed them that they told me they were looking for someone else and that I belong in another company.. which they literally said "your talents would be better served with another company".

The young, devastatingly beautiful boy was me. This was my story! I hope you liked it, it was really fun to make all of those puns back in the day!

Since the company has "fish" in the name, I wanted to make as many puns as possible.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

How to make a password!

Hello there! In this tutorial, I'll tell you how to make a password!

I hope to change lives with this top secret trick, this trick will revolutionize the industry! It'll stop hunger, your creepy neighbor, and save the world! It will be the salvation everyone needs! ;P

In order to make a password, you need three things. You, a computer, and INTERNET access. It's also important to have hands as well, if you don't have hands, use your tongue, it's a good workout!

Le Password

I think that beginners need an easy password... it should be related to you somehow...

Like, it could be your birthday "1/01/1"

Or your name "Pie"

If you're going to use a name, put some numbers and or symbols in there! "Pie111"

It's always good to include symbols, numbers and capital letters.

But, you should only do this for a short time... I find it's easier to gradually upgrade your password....

What was once "Pie111", can be PieFace*111.... eventually, you should change some parts of your password and then add new things to it....


I find it's good to use words or names, but spell them differently...this way if someone thinks they know your password, they may be surprised it's wrong if they try to knock into it!


Eventually, you want to keep taking things away and adding new things...


It's also good to re-arrange letters and numbers... as well as capitalize certain letters...


I think it's good to change and rearrange passwords every year.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Things people usually don't know about me!

Now that I have a 9-5 job again, I want to get into the habit of posting on Thursdays! Since an old website company I used to store personal data, is getting shut down, I have lot's of things I can post, that was originally on the old site! So lets start this up! Feel free to share things people usually don't know about YOU, in the comments!

Let's start!

1. Most people don't know, that I'm gay! I am not a flamboyant person, nor am I masculine for that matter.  I'd say, I'm a bit of both! However, people usually assume I'm straight, I think it's because I don't wear flashy clothes act effeminate, and it just makes people think that I am automatically straight. It can be annoying, because what has happened is that people would be like "You'll learn about that later in life with the girlies" or "I use facebook to check out women *taps me on the shoulder*". Or what about the time someone tried to hook me up with a female with big breasts (That's putting it lightly), I just said I wasn't interested. (Later on this person asked if I'd rather screw Alex (Girl), or Caela. I said Steve, and he never tried to hook me up with a girl again!) Ironically enough, this particular guy was rather cute and flirty with me, and even admitted it once!

I am just not an open person. So I don't go around telling people my sexuality, not to mention I don't like rude people, so I don't want to deal with the homophobes (I keep them out of the loop intentionally). (One time at an old job, I was looking at this lady's I.D badge, and it was over her boobs, and she covered herself with her sweater.. Which made me realize she thought I was staring at he breasts, but I was just reading what her name was....She was very religious, so I never explained that I don't care about the two shelves she had on her persons. I get worried around religious people, I don't know if they'll smite me, or something!

2. I'm really lazy at home, but most people would never think that because at work and school I'm very into the task at hand.

3. My room is very messy, even though I am a clean freak, it's ironic, really.

4. People usually think that they freak me out, or scare me, when they say, or do weird things. But I'm a rather passive person, most things won't bother me. (Before becoming friends with a friend of mine, named Jaime. He once told me to "Feed him hangers"...)

5. I have yet to be romantically involved with anyone, even though I am now 28 ( I wrote this when I was 25 it seems). I was a late bloomer, when everyone was getting girlfriends and boyfriends, I was too busy playing video games. I didn't have sexual attractions until I was a bit older (19).
Now I feel like I won't even have time for a man, due to work, and personal projects I'd like to start in the future.

6. People think that I always look sad or confused, when in actuality I'm just a very happy go lucky person. Although, I do get confused a whole lot, but I think it's due to needing a moment to process what's going on. But usually, It's just my face. I'm just emotionless...and happy go lucky at the same time.. doesn't make much sense, but yeah..

7. I have really good memory when it comes to certain things, I can remember things people wouldn't remember. Like one time I told someone I had good memory, and they said they would say a phone number and when she were to come back from her break, for me to repeat it.
However, I didn't catch the whole number. When she came back, she didn't ask me about it, so it means she forgot; but I remembered. Since I didn't hear the whole number, I didn't say anything...
I've noticed I tend to remember weird things. I'll remember what your cousins, mothers, aunt's, uncle did last year. But I'll forget what I was just doing two seconds ago. I catch people saying an event I was present for, and then mixing something up. (Like if you were ghost hunting with your two besties, and you encountered the new jersey devil playing with a tamborine. But a year later, when recounting the story, your friends will say you guys saw bigfoot, playing with a hula hoop. Like through that time, their brain replaced the real memory, with a fake one.) I'll think to myself, that's not what happened!

8. People in the real world, are usually shocked when they see how open I am on facebook or in emails, and messages.
For some reason, I am much more open on the internet, where as in real life I am very shy, reserved and introverted.

9. As pro gay as I am, I once strongly disliked gay people. But it was clearly my internalized homophobia... however, I had no reason to be a homophobe, since I didn't know anyone that had a problem with it! It could also be that the only gay person I knew, was someone I could not relate with, and just didn't think I couldn't be gay, because I wasn't like that guy.

10. Most people that know I am attracted to men, have no idea that I prefer older guys. At this point, I've realized so much about myself. I like bald, muscles, uniforms, brunettes, salt & pepper hair.... I've even fallen for someone 8 (21) years younger, and 2 (23) years younger than me at this point. (As of November 2018, I am crushing on a ginger! That's also, a new one!) I've also recently realized, I have a thing for British guys. However, I just can't date someone who's really hairy, or a skeleton. (My friend Victor once told me, about how he couldn't date someone very skinny, and that the only thing he'd shove in their mouth, is a burger!)

11. I've actually been threatened to be sued online twice, once in 2007 for linking a website on mine without permission, and another time in 2012 for posting a picture on my old blog, which I had abandoned and didn't get their message for months.

12. Everyone loves me and finds me to be a cool person, but that doesn't stop me from not really having any friends, or little contact...most people don't go out out of their way to say "Let's hang out", or anything like that. It has changed over the years, but it's still pretty similar.

13. I am very bad at social interaction, and I'm very socially awkward. This is probably why it's hard for me to get a job! [I always say the wrong things on interviews!] (Maybe I shouldn't have shown them my collection of Will & Grace on DVD! jk)

14. Some of my best friends are people I have never met that I've known online for a few years.

15. I have a thing for one of my neighbors, who's a dad.
Instantaneously, his name is Mike, and I'm noticing a pattern where I'm attracted to guys named Mike, who also have Criminal Justice degrees...(3 different guys with the same name, and similar job background..)

16. I'm allergic to Sulfur, so even though I don't like alcohol, I did want to try wine.. but I can't since wine actually has sulfur in it, and I don't know what would happen to me if I tried it. "The more you know".

17. I'd leave Earth in a heartbeat if I could go to another world where magic exists and I could fight monsters and travel exotic lands with unbelievable sights (Shooting fireballs out of my hand, teleportation, flying islands, talking animals.. you name it!)

18. I 100% believe in reincarnation and I do believe I have lived before, there are images I have seen in my head, that I cannot explain that do not originate from my imagination or dreams. There are certain feelings and thoughts I get that are not mine... I get flashbacks of places I've never been to before. Eventually I want to go on a spiritual journey to find out more about my past lives. I have two spirit guides that I was romantically involved with in a past life actually. (It's all coming back to me!  *Wiggles fingers* In a past life, you were a dusty broom!)

19. Eventually, I want to move to California. I hate cold weather, and would love to move to a warm climate. I've always felt like I belong there.

20. Other than the three childhood friends I had as a kid,(Relatives don't count), I didn't have real friends until I was 20. Mainly due to my shyness as a kid, although I'm lot's better, I am still shy.. but not as bad as I used to be. I can actually hold conversations now! Wahoo! :P

21. I'm a hypochondriac when it comes to everything! And I'm also paranoid about everything too.. (Not in that, the aliens are watching me kind of way.)
I over analyze things and tend to come up with crazy answers to things that aren't as I think they are.. ( Example: Like if someone doesn't get back to me with a text, I think they hate me or find me annoying.. )

22. I have telephonophobia, fear of talking on the phone. I will avoid talking on the phone at all costs. However, I have no problem talking on the phone at a work related setting, I think this is because at work, I do know what to say.. while a personal call I won't know what to say...and I never know what to say to anyone.. except online or via text because then I can think about what I'm going to say.

23. I have no problem drawing girl characters, but drawing guys I find to be a bit difficult at times. The best way for me to draw male characters is if they have more flamboyant clothing.

24. In the real world, 90% of my friends are heterosexual women, about 1% are homosexual/bisexual men, I have literally three heterosexual male friends. I have no lesbian friends, as for some reason, lesbians seem to hate me so far. Online, most lesbians have been rude to me, in the real world, lesbians just flat out ignore me. One girl I used to work with, acted like a friend, but then just ditched me, and unfriended me on facebook. While another very friendly lesbian from work, wouldn't even add me on facebook!
Online, I would say I have more straight/gay/bi male friends, maybe around 80%. Straight girls are like 19%, and I have like two lesbian friends I don't talk to it doesn't really count.
All I want, is a lesbian bestie, like Tracer from Overwatch! Is that so much to ask?!

25. Even though I may joke about potatoes a whole lot, I don't actually like potatoes, I only eat them because they are good for you.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Blast to the past! Article #1 : "This guy..."

So I've used a website on Zetaboards, to store stories, links, and lists. Unfortunately, Zetaboards is closing down, and moving to another company, with stricter policies (Which could result in my website being deleted for being inactive. Since I post in it, when I feel like it).
So because of this, I'm going to start transferring some of my stuff from there, onto here!

Funny thing is, I've realized that I originally wrote this on the dead site "Formspring". Now, I'm moving it from Zetaboards to Blogger.

So here is a story I wrote in 2011.

When you start disliking them for something they did... you start hating everything about them. This happened to me a few months ago. (November 2011)
There was this guy on facebook (Who I'm still friends with, but we don't talk anymore)
He made a secret Suikoden group on Facebook and I was invited to join, I said yes to joining. This group had maybe 15 other people, I became friendly with everyone and became friends with most of them. Most of them I am still am friends with and still talk to them, on occasion.

But I had asked if I could invite a few of my Suikoden friends to the group, because I liked the people in this group and I wanted MY awesome Suikoden friends to meet these awesome Suikoden friends and get to know each other and become friends too!

But he didn't want any new members because just adding me was "difficult enough". He wants a small group of members and to really know them. (So apparently adding 2-3 more people is like shoving a knife in your eye!)
But since I really wanted my friends that I had already to be a part of a special group for suikoden, I made my own. It was a secret just like his....

So there I was a member of two suikoden groups, but at first I didn't think it was a good idea to say I had made another group so I could add my friends to a group.
I just wanted my already Suikoden friends to be in a cool Suikoden group and since they were denied for this one, I wanted them to be special too! It's the guys loss really, he's missing out on some awesome Suikoden fans!
But that is all I wanted, I just wanted my friends to be a part of a cool group like I was.
Eventually, after a week. I was kicked out because I was HONEST and said that I had made a group for my friends.
It really tore apart at me because it was such an awesome group, but talking to  two of my friends, really helped me feel better about the situation. My then friend, Logan was like, that was very childish of him, and my friend Chaco was like, who cares about them?! Forget about it and don't worry about it!
But I eventually I turned the story around, that made it that I was kicked out because I was just TOO COOL FOR THAT GROUP and to be honest.. I don't want to rejoin, unless someone else takes in charge.
I think the guy did me wrong, if someone made another Suikoden group because of mine.. I'd be like AWESOME CAN I JOIN TOO?! I wouldn't kick anyone out u.u
But not only that, but this guy is a friggin creeper! He was looking at my pictures on facebook of myself which are only seen by people I believe I can trust (at the time, I was a super private person.), I had him in this list. But when I found out he was creeping at my pictures and being a creeper! I took him out of the list.
He also thought it was weird that I didn't use my real name on facebook, even though I don't use my real name because I do not want to be stalked! Plus my mother and grandmother wouldn't let me have my real name, even if I wanted too! XD (At the time, my mother and grandmother didn't want me to use my name on facebook due to privacy concerns.)
He also got mad that I didn't talk to him in a group chat. Even though I'm bad at those, because if I start talking, I get too shy to say I have to leave. It was late at the time and I had to go to bed. But apparently because I didn't respond, it meant that I wasn't being serious or some crap like that.

Because of these stupid things, taking me out of the group, spying on my pictures, and assuming things that had reasonable and true explanations; made me dislike this guy. I actually would have unfriended and blocked him already, but I'm a nice person and he says he still wants to be friends..... Even though we have not talked AT ALL since then, he doesn't really even seem to want to try and be friends with me again. plus if I did that I believe our friends might not want to be friends with me anymore and I like them all! I think they are very awesome people! Although he doesn't know that I don't like him anymore and do not consider him a friend at all.
I was actually happy that he went for jail for like 5 months lol I think it was his punishment for doing that to me! But it was something he did the prior year.

I lost faith in this person because even if I was the wrong person, all of these things he did just made me dislike him. Not to mention assuming things and being a creeper made me dislike him, I do NOT trust him at all.

EDIT 10-18-2012: A bit over a year since this has happened and when I think about this guy, I cannot help but feel disgust towards this guy.
He and I have had little to no contact at all, I have reached out to him and liked some of his things on facebook and even made some comments. But he has not done the same for me, he has not liked or commented on anything of mine and he does it all the time on our mutual friends facebook's.
I am trying to be his friend, but all he has done is ignored me.

The reason why I have not un-added him is because I was afraid our mutual friends would un-add me as a friend. I actually like all of them and think they are really cool! But I am/was afraid they would un-add me... but two people have pointed out to me that if they really have become my friend, they will stick around!
So I am thinking about getting rid of this jerk once and for all!
But first I want to see if maybe he'll respond to some new Suikoden images I've added, I want to see if something will happen or not. Which he didn't, so I un-added him and I felt this weight off of my shoulder. I even made a status about getting rid of someone on my facebook, and the only reason why I didn't do it sooner was because I was afraid of losing the friends that I had gained. And even though I didn't say who it was, I got many likes and comments, even from three of the people that are friends with him... although they most likely do not know who I was talking about.

EDIT: December 24/ 2014. I was informed that this guy doesn't really talk to anyone in the group anymore and is actually a pedophile!

Okay, so the thing that annoyed me, and still makes no sense to this day (2018). Is one of the members from the group added me on Facebook, just because I was added to the group. However, it took her FOREVER to add me! Then, when I was kicked out of the group, she unfriended me! Like what the heck!? Why add me in the first place, if you were going to unfriend me the second I left!
Really interesting!